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QA Team Leader Responsibilities

Quality Monitoring

Jul 28, 2008

What are the responsibilites of a Quality Assurance team leader? -- Pranabesh



  • Md.Raish Ul Haque Khan Posted at 12:00AM on Aug 11, 2008

    From my experience, a QA [Quality Assurance]Team Leader should play a balancing role between the call center and QA and have the responsibility to create a congenial environment among agents and floor team leaders. I think that a call center QA Team Leader has a dual role to play: maintain maximum Quality and ensure highest motivation within his own QA Team as well as ensuring Quality and keeping the call center agents motivated. The key responsibilities of QA Team Leaders: To ensure customer satisfaction through monitoring agent interaction with the customer. To ensure that the CSRs [Customer Service Representatives] are updated regarding new products, processes and services launched by the company. To manage a QA team to ensure effective monitoring and evaluation of the reps on a regular basis. To ensure compilation of necessary documentation of the training given to the CSRs and of the monthly QA scores of the agents. To devise systems to identify weak areas of individual reps and ensure proper feedback via QA e-mails, instant feedback, counseling, short coaching, and training requirements. To gain, verify and impart (train) product/process knowledge for onward transmission to the callers through the reps to achieve maximum consumer satisfaction. To strive for continual improvement of the existing quality monitoring systems and the processes by which they are developed. To work closely with the consumer services management as well as with internal customers. To ensure compliance that CSRs follow all company policies, procedures and practices. To perform other duties as assigned. To conduct calibration sessions between the QA members and the call center team leaders and assistant managers to ensure efficient and effective communication of customer wants and needs. To prepare different reports in line with company objectives, including Daily Quality Score report, Performance Improvement Initiative report, Work Code Accuracy report, and Monthly QA report. To escalate unresolved issues to the Investigation and Resolution Unit and, if required, Complaint Managment Desk. To conduct a daily clinic based on current issues and play one Ideal Call related to current issues. To develop new ideas to improve overall quality in the call center. To train Quality Assurance members on different updated issues. To organize weekly brainstorming sessions among the QA members, IRU, and Floor Team Leaders to find out the best possible way to optimize current issues/problems. This is an overview. Hope this will help you. -- Md.Raish Ul Haque Khan, Orascom Telecom Bangladesh (Banglalink)

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