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May 20, 2007

I just became a call center supervisor. Please give me any and all advice on how to motivate, help, etc., my CSR's. Also, how do you monitor 10 to 15 people at a time? What guidelines to you use for quality, etc.? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. -- Donna



  • Mohamed Haqqi Posted at 12:00AM on Jun 1, 2007

    Hello Donna, What is a quality contact? * CSR provides correct response, all data entry is correct, contact was necessary in the first place, customer receives correct information, customer doesn't feel it necessary to check up, verify or repeat, customer is not transferred around, customer doesn't get rushed, satisfied, etc. The items above are almost universal. Take a few minutes to study the list and think through how each item applies in your environment. What if data is not entered correctly? What if the caller doesn't have confidence the call was handled correctly? What if you didn't capture useful information from the transaction? These problems contribute to repeat calls, escalation of calls and complaints to higher management. The problem also entails callbacks and rework. You decide to choose how many calls you are going to monitor? For example, my team leaders are listening to 20 call per CSR/month. If you need less or more, it depends on the nature of your project. And for the advice for how to motivate an employee? For example, performance reviews enable you to provide the employee recognition based on objective data and results of work performed. Use specific work examples and recognize the positive actions performed by the employee to reinforce the desire for good performance. Often, the work or job content itself can be a motivator; many employees respond to challenges requiring commitment and expertise. The performance review process should foster mutual respect and trust to build a stronger manager/employee relationship. Good incentive programs serve to motivate your employees. Each incentive should reward behavior that is linked to the achievement of specific call center/organizational goals. For example, call centers that aim to achieve a specific service level objective might consider rewarding agents who demonstrate solid adherence-to-schedule results. My advice to you is to seek employee feedback through team or staff meetings, focus groups and confidential surveys, find out what motivates the greatest number of people, and what the de-motivators are. I hope this information is helpful to you. -- Mohamed Haqqi, CookDoor, Egypt

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