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Team Leader Job Description

Leadership development

Aug 11, 2006

How can I create job description for team leaders? How can I develop a telemarketing team's healthy environment? -- Maimuna Ameir

Maimuna Ameir


  • Mark Alex Posted at 12:00AM on Sep 22, 2006

    Dear Maimuna, Below is the Team Leader job description which I'm currently using: To manage the day–to-day planning, operation and problem-solving of a team of agents to meet with the required service level components, standards and sales targets, to develop the team to ensure delivery of a consistently superior customer experience by highly knowledgeable and customer-focused agents and to act as the communication conduit between Frontliners and Management. To offer creative solutions. Delivery of team sales, service level components, quality and productivity targets & indicators. People Management, including all HR related issues, as well as staff development. Operational Management: Managing the floor, adherence to schedule. Ownership and problem resolution. Call monitoring, coaching and feedback, responsibility for delivery of the defined customer experience in every call. Training and development of staff. Motivation, leadership for a team of 17 and developing future leaders. Recommendations for product and process development based on customer feedback and analysis of the same. Conducting performance appraisal for the team. Contribute for the initial hiring and selecting process of the front line. Compiling reports on team’s performance and customer feedback. Communication and being a focal point of dissemination of information from management to team and vis versa. Work very closely with team members to solve customer problems. Also needs to understand agent's problems and weaknesses and address these. Offers solutions and suggestions for process and product improvement to management. Required making decisions on any matters relating to improving revenue generation & customer satisfaction with regards insofar as it affects call handling and call center processes. Possesses certain additional supervisory level authority for reversal of charges. Responsible for making decisions on training requirement for team members and adjusting targets to suit the needs of the business. Responsible for all HR-related issues affecting team members including conducting appraisals, confirmations, promotions and terminations. -- Mark Alex

  • Sandesh Posted at 12:00AM on Dec 28, 2007

    I really thank Mr. Mark Alex for the given guidelines and the responsibilities for team leader. I suggest that the above bring out a guide for reporting and reports to be submitted to the management and experiences in team leadership, and the hardships faced during the tenure, the next level of a team leader, or his/her further responsibilities. Please guide me to be a succesful team leader and wish me luck, and Mr. Mark Alex too. Thank you -- Sandesh, Syncoms

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