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Shift Bid Policies


Oct 01, 2003

I am putting together a policy for shift bidding, but could use some assistance if someone has a policy in place I can adapt. Also, what is the best way to determine seniority tiebreakers? Thanks. -- Claire Neumann


  • Kevin Brown Posted at 7:52AM on Jun 4, 2012

    Does anyone have any shift bid proposals samples?

  • Pedro A Sanchez Posted at 12:00AM on Aug 26, 2005

    We conduct schedule bids based on performance and seniority. Performance data is measured via a scorecard that weights phone availability and schedule adherence along with qualitative data. Tenure only acounts for about 10% of the overall score so it becomes more of a tie-breaker. Agents with higher scores rank ahead of those with lower scores and thus are giving a priority. However, we only allow agents to compete against each other so as long as they share the same level of skills or experience. To encompass this, we build groups based on agent's skill set and expertise. Available schedules are then made available proprotionally to the size of each group. This keeps the process fair and ensures an even skill distribution through the day -- Pedro A Sanchez, American Express / Ameriprise Property Casualty

  • Jason Posted at 12:00AM on Mar 9, 2007

    We run a quarterly shift bid and the agent ranking for bidding is based on 60% seniority and 40% performance (QA scores and Compliance). It's very rare that we have a tie (two people hired on the same day with the exact same QA and compliance scores), but if we do, we use attendance (unplanned absences) as the tie-breaker. We do not use unplanned absences as part of our compliance scores. We track that separately. -- Jason, AAA

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Mar 23, 2007

    My comment also has a question. First the question. Is your call center a unionized center? For those who have responded, are your centers' unionized? I am in a unionized call center. Our shift bids are every 90 days and are strictly seniority based. We would like to move to a performance/seniority-based bid like the others listed here, but we are not there yet. For those agents who's seniority date is the same hire date, we randomly draw their order of seniority when they enter the bargaining unit. I would recommend making sure performance is part of your equation. Good luck putting your policy in place.

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Aug 25, 2008

    Shift bids are not practical for most families with young children. This can cause strain on the family as a whole, not to mention the stress it may cause every 90 days for the agent bidding on the shifts. Think about whether quarterly shift bids might create hardships for your agents.

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Aug 24, 2009

    Does anyone have any numbers that show productivity or other gains as a result of implementing performance-based scheduling over strictly seniority? I am working on a presentation to upper management and would like to have empirical data to drive home the reasoning. I am in an in-house (not third-party) collections call center

  • Heather Posted at 12:00AM on Sep 8, 2009

    Any thoughts for a small call center? Seniority-based is awful cause my senior agents want the best shifts and my other agents are always shafted.

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