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Format for Call Center Procedures Manual

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Sep 01, 2003

I have to write a guidelines and procedures manual for our new call center. If any one has any formats out there as far as how to start, etc., I would really appreciate the information. Thank you. -- TL Cox


  • Posted at 11:07AM on Apr 12, 2011

    I would also like to obtain a template if anyone is interested in providing one?

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Oct 1, 2003

    I'm in the process of designing a call centre as well and would like to network with other managers regarding policies and procedures. I'm presently implementing a CRM system and still need to procure an ACD and IVR system. What I'm looking for specifically is policy information regarding customer correspondence, timelines for complaint resolutions, etc. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. -- Polly Collins, County of Simcoe

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Dec 1, 2003

    I am also in need of developing a manual for the department. I would like to be in the circle if and when we get valuable information for starting the process. -- Maria Ross

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Sep 1, 2004

    I have written a few of these in the past. I write it like any other "user manual" and address the following topics:

    • The Way We Work (which is an overview of our general rules and regulations and our Mission Statement)
    • Professional Courtesy (which talks about agent availability, break times, etc.)
    • Telephone Techniques
    • Processing Customer Inquiries
    • Daily Operations
    • Administrative Duties
    • Team Roles and Responsibilities
    • Standard auto-attendant greetings and how to change them
    • Call Center measurements and statistics
    • Service Levels
    • Calling Scripts

    -- Kelvie A. Tyus

  • Tom Richard Posted at 12:00AM on Sep 14, 2005

    Plan to put it on your company intranet is the first plan to make work. When you want to make updates, it is free and immediate. Printing and then finding binders and making sure each one is updated will be too expensive and take too much time. I've written several manuals. Make sure you write it with the audience in mind. Your audience will be your CSRs. What is their situation when they need the information? Usually they have a customer on the phone who needs the information now. Write it twice. Once from a process perspcetive and once from the CSR perspective. Those two points are not even close. Adults need their self-interest addressed, if you want them to use the information. You must answer the same question for each sentence you write for your audience. "What does this information do for me, personally?" I sort my chapters based on major tasks. I. Customer Relations - always the first in a call center II. Ordering III. Pick ups IV. Deliveries V. Billing VI. FAQ I usually include an FAQ section wherein common customer questions are posed and answered. I think of this as - "What questions can we answer?" Example: To get directions to the closest location: Do this: Say this: Problems you can run into: I hope that helps Tom -- Tom Richard, Aggreko

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