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Feb 01, 2002

I would like to receive a copy of a job description for a quality assurance representative in a call centre. I would also like a job description for team leaders. --Claudette Saint-Reid


  • Posted at 12:00AM on Mar 1, 2002

    Try www.salary.com. It give the most recent salaries and job description of comparable positions across the country. -- Jackie Cuthbertson

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Mar 1, 2002

    Job descriptions, responsibility levels and salary ranges are available in industry compensation surveys. They are usually very detailed and include factors such as size of call center, inbound vs. outbound calls, other contact skills (web, email), technical or non-technical products, etc. Quality Assurance and Team Lead are two standard titles. Good luck! -- Rebecca Oettinger, The Segal Company

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Mar 1, 2002

    Here is the job description I have for a quality assurance representative (which we call a "QA Specialist"). Hope it helps!

    Quality Assurance Specialist

    • Participates in design of call monitoring formats and quality standards.
    • Performs call monitoring and provides trend data to site management team.
    • Uses quality monitoring data management system to compile and track performance at team and individual level.
    • Monitors email customer contacts.
    • Participates in customer and client listening programs to identify customer needs and expectations.
    • Provides actionable data to various internal support groups as needed.
    • Coordinates and facilitates call calibration sessions for call center staff.
    • Provides feedback to call center team leaders and managers.
    • Prepares and analyzes internal and external quality reports for management staff review.


    • Two years of call center customer care experience, preferably in a technical environment.
    • Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.
    • Exceptional listening and analytical skills.
    • Intermediate level of knowledge/expertise with PC hardware and software (Word and Excel).
    • Intermediate to advanced level of knowledge with Internet technology; familiarity with cable modem technology desired.
    • Strong knowledge of customer care processes and techniques.
    • Demonstrated ability to work well in a team environment.
    • Dedication to providing exceptional customer service.

    -- Julie Wheeler, High Speed Access Corp.

  • Mitch Posted at 12:00AM on Mar 21, 2008

    Hi Julie... thank you very much for this. It helps a lot. -- Mitch

  • Deb Wiest Posted at 12:00AM on Jul 15, 2008

    Julie - nice job on the QA Specialist role! Would you have one for the Sr. Manager/Manager of QA as well? I should have the one we had so long ago at HSA, but lost in the files. (Hope you are well!)-- Deb Wiest, Accolade LLC

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