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Call Center Mission Statement Examples

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Jul 01, 2001

I'd like to collect some examples of call center or help desk mission statements. Thanks. -- Lois Krebs, KeyBank

Center Vision, Mission and Strategy
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Developing an Effective Call Center Strategy
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  • Posted at 12:00AM on Aug 1, 2001

    Our call center's mission statement is as follows:

    To take ownership of each call, manage each request correctly, dispatch efficiently and communicate to ensure the customer's complete satisfaction. Hope this helps. -- Rhonda, BLJC

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Aug 1, 2001

    Our customer service department mission is to develop loyal customers for Roadway Express by meeting and exceeding customer expectations and contributing to their success. We will achieve our mission by providing timely, accurate and professional service at each and every customer contact. -- Pete Fleming

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Aug 1, 2001

    Here is our mission statement. We are a customer support and sales call center in the healthcare (laser vision correction) industry.

    Patient Communication Center Mission Statement:
    The mission of the Patient Communication Center is to assist past, current and future patients by answering their questions, concerns and inquiries in a timely, honest and professional manner.

    Our goal is to exultantly convert interested callers into extremely satisfied and delighted patients. We strive to accomplish this by utilizing our excellent customer service skills while focusing to maintain call center metrics.
    -- Regina Brown-Hill

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Sep 1, 2001

    Here is our mission/vision:

    Our primary objective is to provide our client companies with highly effective and quality customer relationship management services designed to answer the corporate needs for organizational efficiency, productivity, growth and profitability.

    We aim to provide our clients with real solutions to help them adapt to the rapidly changing environment of the technology industry. To provide a complete line of total lifecycle support services, designed to compliment the needs of technology-driven companies, and add value to their business operations, products and services.

    Our promise at Expercs is not simply to deliver solutions, but to deliver real value -- giving us the ability to offer our clients a true competitive edge, anytime, anywhere, in any language.

    With our commitment to excellence, flexibility, and integrity, Expercs Direct Communications, Inc., up to the last employee, aims not only to protect the brand names of our valued clients through outstanding service but convert their clients from database entries to loyal consumers of their products and therefore expand business opportunities and ensure growth and profitability. – Marc Raymundo

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Mar 1, 2003

    I am also trying to get examples. Here is what I have found thus far.

    AmSouth, Birmingham, Alabama:

    "We are dedicated to enhancing customer productivity by providing superior technical support and coordinating support efforts with other production groups. We focus on our customers by delivering high-value support services and by fostering teamwork and continuous improvement in everything we do."

    J.B. Hunt Transportation:

    "Our Motto:
    We are not in the Help Desk business. We are in the Transportation business and we work for you.

    Our Goal:
    Improve Service in the Services that are important to you.

    Our Mission Statement:
    Providing Optimum Service and Solutions to Maintain Customer Productivity and Satisfaction."

    RBC Centura Bank (Royal Bank of Canada):
    "RBC Centura Support Helpdesk is the contact for RBC Centura Employees to support their issues and provide teamwork and guidance throughout RBC Centura; to ensure a positive experience to ultimately benefit our external customer."

    A Financial Services company:
    "Our Corporate helpdesk is here to keep our employees productive, by keeping systems up and running, resulting in positive effects on the bottom line because employees can continue to sell and support our product lines."

    --John Simms

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Apr 1, 2003

    We assess call center strengths and opportunities by defining, forecasting, and analyzing performance. By communicating, implementing, and teaching processes that produce measurable results, we provide a positive experience for both our internal and external customers. -- Stephen Montgomery, Best Software, Inc. \

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Apr 1, 2004

    The SITEL Mission:
    To enhance the value of our clients' customer contacts, relationships and information. --Andre Thomas

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Jul 1, 2004

    Our mission (we call it a motto) statement for our inbound call center that provides services to our employees in regard to payroll and benefit issues

    We listen, we talk, we educate, we find solutions.

    -- Patricia T. Kenel, AEGON

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Jul 1, 2004

    Here are our vision and mission statements:

    • Vision - We will deliver the best in class service, creating the ultimate customer experience.
    • Mission - Customer focused people building customer focused relationships by listening, anticipating and being empowered to take action. Customer focused processes supported by customer focused technology resulting in meaningful relationships.

    -- Jane Bowers, Horizon Lines

  • Posted at 12:00AM on Nov 1, 2004

    Microsoft Customer Service, Asia Pacific and Greater China Region -- Mission:

    To Build Customer Trust And Value By Providing A Quality Experience The First Time, Every Time.

    -- Jeffrey Chow

  • ahmed Posted at 12:00AM on May 16, 2005

    Exceed customers' expectations. -- Ahmed

  • David Hood Posted at 12:00AM on Jun 15, 2005

    ACS Inc's mission statement is: to provide consistently superior outsourced customer interaction solutions. Our goal is to create long-term business partnerships by adding significant value through innovative, industry leading efforts. We foster a results-oriented atmosphere which maximizes the personal growth and work experience of every associate. -- David Hood, ACS Inc.

  • Teresa Spalding Posted at 12:00AM on Jun 15, 2005

    The DIT Client Service Center serves as the single point of contact for the Department of Information Technology and is committed to: -- Providing excellent customer service to all users of the State of Michigan's information technology resources through teamwork and cooperation -- Providing effective technical solutions to all DIT client issues in a timely and professional manner utilizing every available resource, tool and expertise -- Teresa Spalding, Dept of Information Technology, State of Michigan

  • Bob Brown Posted at 12:00AM on Jun 24, 2005

    "In keeping with our company Vision, we will provide a remark-able level of service, with a hometown character; contributing to the well being of our community." -- Bob Brown, Clear Choice Health Plans

  • Jason Dubrey Posted at 12:00AM on Jun 23, 2008

    "To provide Farm Family Life Insurance Agents and CSR's exemplary customer service, and to provide them with the tools necessary to make our clients Life Advocates." -- Jason Dubrey, Farm Family Life Insurance Company

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