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Aug 26, 2005

I am a call center manager for a cable television, high speed internet, and broadband telephony provider. I'm looking for some new ideas for use in recognizing and rewarding the call center agents for achieving performance objectives. The methods need to be relatively inexpensive ($3 to $5 per agent) and need to be something the floor can partake in or do relatively independently as I can't take everyone off the phone at the same time. We've done the pizza party thing, the cake and ice cream party, sub sandwiches, etc., but I need something new. Any thoughts? -- Chris M.

Chris M.


  • Memory McElhaney Posted at 12:00AM on Aug 10, 2007

    Offer a car wash to the employees and the better they perform the better the car wash (like a vacuum and air freshener, too). -- Memory McElhaney, Cox Communications

  • Mohamed Haqqi Posted at 12:00AM on Aug 24, 2007

    Hello Chris, There is no limit to the ways in which call centers can recognize valued staff. I'll write below a list of just some of the many rewards/recognition ideas that have been used by successful call centers worldwide: * Lunch/dinner for top performers * Public praise at team or centerwide meetings * Agent(s) represent the call center at an interdepartmental meeting. * A "performance points" system that enables agents to redeem points for cash, prizes or paid time off. * Tickets to movies, concerts, sporting events, etc. * A day at a spa * An annual awards dinners * Plaques or framed certificates of achievement * Gift certificates to local stores. I hope this information is helpful to you. -- Mohamed Haqqi, Cook Door, Fast food chains, Egypt

  • Sally Traughber Posted at 12:00AM on Sep 6, 2007

    Hi Chris, Several years ago we started an award called the Outstanding Customer Service Star. The star is awarded to the representative when a customer compliment is received by me from the customer. The award is an actual acrylic star I purchased through a trophy shop on line. The representative keeps it at his/her station until the next person receives a compliment. In addition to the star, I write an email to the team shortly after receiving the compliment from the customer congratulating the representative along with the comments from the customer. This had proven be a very successful for our team. -- Sally Traughber, Exchange Bank

  • Christine Posted at 12:00AM on May 18, 2009

    Hi Chris. We have the same constraints you do. Here are a few things we've awarded our reps: an hour of PTO, an extra break, jean/tshirt coupons, create your own shift for a day, come in an hour early or leave an hour late, extend your lunch hour, and a half hour off the phones. We also have a "breakfast club" every quarter. Everyone who meets the criteria for the full quarter gets 2 hours off the phones to watch a movie - we either order in breakfast or each of the managers will make a dish to bring in. Since it's such a big privelage to get 2 hours off the phones in a call center, the criteria for being in the club exceeds what we require for their monthly metrics.

  • Lee L. Kile Posted at 12:00AM on May 18, 2009

    Hi Chris, I use a reward that is inexpensive and appreciated by our reps. Each week I select a rep of the week, to be recognized in the meeting in front of their peers. Rep of the week is selected based on certain criteria in their productivity report or if they did something special during the fiscal week. First I present them with a certificate that explains their accomplishments then reward them with an "hour off" coupon. They can use that anytime with a supervisor's approval and leave an hour early; however, they do get paid for that hour.

  • NancyG Posted at 12:00AM on Jun 1, 2009

    We recently ran a program based on quality metrics, but could be easily adapted to whatever metrics you want to apply it to. Basically, we determined opportunities to exceed in specific skills, bonus opportunities, and/or exceed in the overall score. For any exceeds on the specific critieria, the CSR received a "buck" from the person doing the review or assessment. Depending on what was being tracked, the CSC could win one to several bucks if they did really well. The bucks were tracked by a member of the team to ensure fairness, and then once a week there was a table set up with all kinds of odds and ends that CSCs could purchase with their bucks. These included dollar store items like magnets, picture frames, pens and pencils, funny sticky notes, tacks, company swag,... your imagination is your limit. This proved to be very successful, particularly as prize "prices" also changed depending on the availability of prizes and how much they were in demand. This worked with CSCs who prefer not to have public recognition, as well as with those who do. It was so well received, we're running it again a year later. One of the best benefits was that we were able to use some of our bonus opportunities to introduce new ideas or changes that later became necessary to include.

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