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The Truth About Attrition in the Contact Center

At first glance, attrition seems like a chink in the armor for contact centers. Across every industry, the fact that people leave their jobs and move on is a basic truth, but... Read More

Four Effective Agent Hiring Strategies

Hiring and retaining high-performing agents is a concern for just about every customer care organization, even those with low turnover. The growth of the omnichannel contact center is increasing the competition for... Read More

ICMI Tuesday Training Tip: The Power of Professional Connections

Last week's tip was all about improving the customer experience. Are you ready for more advice to supercharge your career and your contact center? One of the most powerful secret weapons every... Read More

Managing Results and Profits? Great-That's Half the Leader's Job

How well is your call center performing? I’ll bet you can tell me the year-to-date metrics and your best performing agent in a heartbeat. You’ve got dozens of key performance metrics that... Read More

Want to Get Your Agents Obsessed with Service?

Announcing ICMI’s Next Book Club Selection--The Service Culture Handbook Every company wants employees who are obsessed with service and every contact center leader wishes for more productive and engaged agents. What’s the... Read More

The True Cost of Contact Center Agent Attrition

Contact centers are losing much more money than they think from employee turnover - a helpful benchmark of employee engagement. It’s hard to imagine that attrition, already widely recognized as the bane... Read More

Agent Retention--Employee Satisfaction Breeds Customer Satisfaction

Living in the customer experience space, we’ve all heard the customer churn statistics – depending on industry, it can cost roughly 25 times more to attract a new customer than to retain... Read More

Navigating Generational Differences in the Contact Center Workforce

What makes a great contact center agent isn’t as easy to define as you might expect. Yes, they need to be great communicators and they need to have the chops to navigate... Read More

Minimum Wage, Maximum Return: Is the Contact Center Paradigm all Wrong?

What do Listerine, Play-Doh, and contact centers all have in common? To better understand this question, it’s best to first look back on the origins of these three unique things.  Listerine, introduced... Read More

Put Your Agent Goals to the Good Goals Test

The incentive plan was simple. Contact center agents who earned a 95 percent customer satisfaction score on post-call surveys got a $100 bonus at the end of the month. It was designed... Read More

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