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The Surprising Ways Mindfulness Can Improve Your Contact Center

Serving customers and solving their problems is hard work. It may not be physically labor intensive or break your back, but it is mentally taxing and it can break one’s spirit. Helping... Read More

5 Barriers to Agent (and Customer) Success

Sometimes we create barriers to success. As a result, these barriers can damage morale, cause confusion, or make a task more difficult than necessary. We must learn to remove barriers, not create them!... Read More

9 Nuggets of Contact Center Hiring Wisdom

Join Jeremy at Contact Center Expo & Conference! He'll be presenting in two sessions--one on communicating success to the business, another on automation. Learn more. I took a Human Resources (HR) class... Read More

6 Actions Proven to Boost Agent Morale AND Performance

Focusing on two key goals at once seems counter-intuitive.  Frankly, I think these two initiatives are coupled together.  Improve the first, and you improve the second without even trying.  Get creative with... Read More

Tips and Tricks to Help You Inspire Your Team in 2017

Every contact center leader wants to manage a highly engaged team, but it’s easy to overlook employee engagement in the day-to-day push to drive performance. What are the characteristics of engaged employees,... Read More

Do You Have a Leadership Team or a Leadership Group?

In my twenty-seven years as a consultant, I have worked with hundreds of organizational leadership teams. My most interesting discovery from all those years is that 95% of those “teams” are not... Read More

Training for a Culture of Employee Engagement

Interested in learning more about contact center agent training and/or employee engagement? Join Evan this May at Contact Center Expo & Conference. The benefits of employee engagement are compelling and undeniable, as... Read More

The Ultimate Showdown: Agent Stress vs the Customer Experience

"The customer is always right." "Le client n'a jamais tort" (the customer is never wrong). "Der Kunde ist Konig" (the customer is king). It's ubiquitous, global, and constant: our focus on the... Read More

The Key to Building an Exceptional Service Culture

When it comes to creating an exceptional service culture, nothing is more important than a team’s ability to collaborate well.  Both the agent and the customer experience will be exponentially better with... Read More

Millennial View: Finding a Friend in Feedback

We’ve all heard it—Millennials thirst for constant feedback. We’re narcissists who need continual reaffirmation that we’re doing a good job at work. Managers dread hiring Millennial employees due to the amount of... Read More

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