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The Omnichannel Approach

Contact centers in today’s global economy are rapidly evolving. Multi-channel contact centers are being transformed into omni-channel ones. Now, customers can choose and make requests among several contact channels without any inherent... Read More

Expert Insight on Implementing New Service Channels

New channel implementation continues to be a hot topic in the contact center industry. As we head towards the new year, many centers are considering adding new channels to the mix in... Read More

Why You Need to Rediscover SMS for Customer Support

The concept of customer service revolves around the idea of providing timely solutions for customers in a way that’s convenient to them. In that case, you shouldn’t miss SMS - this current... Read More

Three Multichannel Contact Center Metrics that Matter

Average handle time. Service level. First Contact Resolution. Everyone is interested in contact center metrics. Well, perhaps not everyone—but metrics are essential to understand how a contact center is functioning and where... Read More

Why Contact Centers Need Desktop Analytics

As customer interactions diversify into omni-channel communications including email, chat, video and social media, communications recording and analytics must do the same. In particular, desktop analytics in contact centers are indispensable for... Read More

#ICMIchat Recap: How to Successfully Implement a New Service Channel

Long gone are the days when customers only sought service through phone and email. For worse or for better, customers are now turning to social, chat, and mobile for help with their... Read More

#ICMIchat Recap: Mastering the Multichannel Forecast

More channels, more tools, and more processes can all lead to a frustrating experience for agents and customers alike. Luckily, it doesn't have to be that way. Customer service may have evolved... Read More

Avoiding the Omnichannel Hype

Omnichannel customer service: Customers have never heard of it but still seem to demand it, and companies are all over the map on whether or how to offer it to them.   When... Read More

#ICMIchat Recap: Omnichannel--Hype or Holy Grail?

Big data, predictive dialers, millennials, journey mapping, and omnichannel are just a few of the buzzwords being widely used in the contact center today. Are they indeed just buzzwords, or are they... Read More

Self-Service: The Next Channel You Can't Ignore

Self-service is a common element of commerce that most of take advantage of on a daily basis – from self-checkout lanes at the grocery store to ATMs to Redbox – it’s become... Read More

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