What is the Single Most Important Metric in Your Contact Center?
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What is the Single Most Important Metric in Your Contact Center?


Last week we polled our community to find which metric they consider to be most important.

By far, CSAT was the top choice, garnering 70% of the vote.  Following behind at a distant second was First Call Resolution (FCR) with 14% of the vote.

When we polled audience members during our webinar "The Customer Journey Redesigned" they agreed, with nearly half indicating that CSAT was most important in their contact center.  These results are also consisent with findings from recent ICMI research on Big Data in the contact center.

Are you wondering how your contact center can improve upon data collection in the coming year, and as a result improve performance?  Download the complimentary whitepaper "Big Data? Better Data! The Value of Data in Today's Contact Center" and purchase the accompanying complete research report.

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