Achieving Success with ICMI's Online Training Pass
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Achieving Success with ICMI's Online Training Pass

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

Over the past 1.5 years, Tricia Kissinger, Customer Care Manager at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, has led the contact center in growing to 30 account representatives (from 12), and they are still aggressively growing. They have tracked revenue and premium growth from the contact center and see that it has moved from being a cost center to being revenue producing in just one year—a tremendous accomplishment.

Tricia attributes a lot of the center’s success and growth to the company’s effective use of ICMI’s Online Training Pass. Building the contact center on ICMI training materials and resources has been a very successful strategy for the company. Want to know how they did it? Read on!

About Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

The company provides insurance on jewelry to both stores and individuals. It has a passion for jewelry and makes sure that new hires share in that passion. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company has been in business for more than 100 years and provides a strong partnership between the jeweler, the customer, and the insurer.

Tricia Kissinger joined the contact center about 1.5 years ago when it had 12 account representatives, all of whom have Property & Casualty insurance licenses. They handle inquiries from personal jewelry policyholders and prospects about invoices, coverage, applying for insurance, and advice on things like cleaning tips and how often a piece should be appraised. The center is located in Neenah, Wisconsin.

Since the center was small, they did not have a quality program or collect data on things like call length and number of calls. Tricia has 20 years of experience in customer service and sales environments and knew she wanted to put a quality program in place and start collecting data.

Working with ICMI

Tricia turned to ICMI to learn more about contact center best practices and attended Contact Center Expo 2014 in San Diego. One session she attended was the Quality Form Development Workshop led by Justin Robbins. Tricia says she learned a lot about what to do with a quality monitoring program from Justin as well as others in the room.

When she returned to the office, she worked with the ICMI materials and her team to build a quality monitoring program and rolled it out. Immediately, the team was able to see gaps in understanding, knowledge, and skills in their representatives, so they turned to ICMI’s Online Training Pass to help train all of their staff.

Individuals took some of the Online Training Pass courses on their own and really enjoyed what they were able to learn. So the leadership team sat together and went through the agent courses Blending Sales & Service and Managing Customer Contacts with Quality, immediately seeing how the courses could help fill some of the gaps they had identified. Tricia reports that the leadership team had a collective Wow! after each module in the two courses.

Next, they had small groups of staff work through the courses together, using the workbooks and pausing to discuss the content at various places. They even took the quizzes together. Everything supported the quality monitoring program, and they immediately saw an improvement in QA scores.

The Leadership Team then sat through Managing Difficult Customers, another agent course. Again, they had a collective Wow! as they saw how it would really help their agents, and they again deployed it in small groups to their existing staff.

Ongoing Use of the Online Training Pass

While Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company began their Wow! journey in ICMI’s Online Training Pass with agent courses, they have also incorporated other courses:

  • Every supervisor and lead went through the Agent Coaching Series, and it is a part of the onboarding for all new supervisors and leads.
  • Operations Analysts go through all of the workforce management-related courses such as Call Center Fundamentals and Introduction to Call Center Operations.

Agent onboarding at Jewelers Mutual Insurance has also been overhauled. Since the company hires for culture fit—passion and excitement—and not necessarily call center experience, they begin with An Agent’s Role in the Contact Center to learn about how contact centers work and their role in the center. Managing Contacts with Quality, Managing Difficult Customers, and Blending Sales and Service are also included in new agent training.


In March 2015, Tricia sent the following email to ICMI:

We love the ICMI online training pass. I’m facilitating a couple of the classes for our Customer Care staff and classes are now baked into our onboarding.  We are also requiring some of the courses for specific work groups. Everything is a beautiful marriage with our quality program. Good stuff!!! And we don’t have to create anything – it’s all there!

ICMI rocks.

Tricia Kissinger
Customer Care Manager - Personal Lines
Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

We love hearing about your success. Thank you for sharing with us.

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