Find the brief and relevant path to the goal line
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Find the brief and relevant path to the goal line

Keeping with the football theme this week, in order to score, you have to find the best path to the goal line. If you really want to get someone to take a look at your project or idea, learn to craft your initial pitch with only three sentences – not a six-paragraph email.

Do it in this order:

  1. Why should he or she be interested, what is in it for the receiver
  2. How you plan to do it
  3. What qualifies you to do it

You have a much better chance of getting someone to ask for more information if you start this way. From Mashable: Got a great idea? An ad agency believes if the concept is really good, you can sum it up in 10 seconds or less on Snapchat.

Your mantra today: Brief and relevant. Brief and relevant. Brief and relevant. Ommmmm.

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