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9 Nuggets of Contact Center Hiring Wisdom

Join Jeremy at Contact Center Expo & Conference! He'll be presenting in two sessions--one on communicating success to the business, another on automation. Learn more. I took a Human Resources (HR) class... Read More

I Pledge My Allegiance to Your Brand

How staffing with brand ambassadors makes a difference in your customer satisfaction Whether you hire agents in-house or outsource your customer care, how can you ensure you are getting the best quality... Read More

How Remote Employees Can Help Contact Centers Better Manage Peak Seasons

Over the past thirty years the contact center has become a business’ biggest resource. Larger companies no longer need to staff and manage customer service or lead generation departments. Smaller companies can... Read More

One Call at a Time: How the Education at Work Contact Center is Equipping Millennials for Career Success

Do you think millennials only use their phones for selfies, texts and SnapChat posts? Is so, you’re not alone, but you’re probably wrong. According to 2015 research, 37% of millennials make five... Read More

Building Your Training Team from the Ground Up

One of the most vital components of any contact center is the training department. No matter what kind of center you operate, it’s critical that those interacting with customers possess and maintain... Read More

#ICMIchat Recap: How to Write Better Contact Center Job Descriptions

When was the last time your contact center updated its job descriptions? With schedules to build, training to conduct, calls to monitor, and technology to implement, it's easy to overlook something seemingly... Read More

5 Ways to Improve Communication with Your Customers

In a contact center, your agents are the first line of contact for your customers.  They are the starting point, and often, the finish line, determining whether or not your customer is... Read More

What Do Your Customer Service Job Descriptions Say About Your Company?

For better or worse, an indispensable part of the “tier one” customer support hiring process is the job description. On the company side, you probably inherited one that’s 80% accurate for the... Read More

Writing Job Postings: Marketing for Candidates

There’s a fierce competition going on right now, one that continues late into the night and right on through the weekend. It’s not being held in a billion dollar sports stadium, it’s... Read More

Who would you crown princess of customer service?

Note from the editors: As we continue our Q1 focus on hiring and workforce management, we thought we'd have a little fun. Building an exceptional customer service team requires the right cast... Read More

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