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How to Empower Agents to Focus on Customers

Contact center agents have the huge responsibility of serving customers, but they're too often burdened with policies and procedures that hinder their mission. Disparate technology, competing priorities, misused incentives, and a lack... Read More

Building the Customer Relationship: Metrics that Matter

We need numbers to measure contact center performance. Empowering Agents can uncover metrics that positively impact the customer relationship. Measuring stats is a big part of managing a contact center. Answer time,... Read More

6 Simple Rules for Optimizing Your Contact Center

Contact Center Expo & Conference is just one month away, and we want to help you connect with your peers, get inspired, and optimize your contact center. Over the last two weeks,... Read More

Want to Get Your Agents Obsessed with Service?

Announcing ICMI’s Next Book Club Selection--The Service Culture Handbook Every company wants employees who are obsessed with service and every contact center leader wishes for more productive and engaged agents. What’s the... Read More

What IS Customer Advocacy?

What is customer advocacy? What role does it play? We’ve been hearing that question a lot lately, and though the term is not new it seems to be enjoying renewed attention. If... Read More

Complain Like a Pro: Tips for Effective Communication with Customer Service

The results of 2015 Customer Rage Study show that consumers are increasingly dissatisfied with customer service in spite of the investments companies are making to improve customer satisfaction. Over 60% of the consumers interviewed... Read More

Agent Retention--Employee Satisfaction Breeds Customer Satisfaction

Living in the customer experience space, we’ve all heard the customer churn statistics – depending on industry, it can cost roughly 25 times more to attract a new customer than to retain... Read More

Minimum Wage, Maximum Return: Is the Contact Center Paradigm all Wrong?

What do Listerine, Play-Doh, and contact centers all have in common? To better understand this question, it’s best to first look back on the origins of these three unique things.  Listerine, introduced... Read More

Personalized Service at UPMC Health Plan

“I spoke to Kierra. She was so nice and this is the best I've ever been treated with a health care company. This is the second time I called and got great... Read More

Seven Effective Practices for Preventing Customer Rage

“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate”. That quote is a reference to the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke, and it's also my assessment after rereading the findings of our Consumer Study... Read More

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A standalone contact center with less than 50 agents
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A standalone contact center with less than 100 agents
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A specialty agent group of fewer than 75 agents within a larger center
A specialty agent group of fewer than 100 agents within a larger center
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