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Get Up to Speed on Bots in Customer Service

Preparing to use bots in your customer care organization? Confused about what a bot is and how one works? Is the robot army marching toward us? Maybe? Probably! As customer service professionals,... Read More

Ways to Show Customers You Care

Rose are red. Violets are blue. We love our customers, how about you? In honor of Valentine's Day, our #ICMIchat community spent some time brainstorming ways to show customers appreciation. What do... Read More

How to Develop a Customer Service Vision

I know what you may be thinking.  Yet another meaningless corporate rah-rah statement for me to forget about in a week!?  I’m with you.  Two years ago, I would have been in... Read More

6 (un)Romantic Ways to Love Customers

I’m a little ashamed to admit that my first Valentine’s Day with my wife, Alicia some 19 years ago, looked a bit different than it does today. For example, I wrote her... Read More

The Truth, The Whole Truth...

Contact Center Expo & Conference keynote speaker Chip Bell reveals three customer experience truths. I have to be honest; I enjoy debates when both debaters have some of the truth on each... Read More

Tips for Staying Focused in an Always-On World

Smartphones, tablets and the proliferation of connected devices have all changed the way we work and live. Is this a blessing, or a curse? Brad Cleveland recently addressed this topic in a... Read More

Video: Thriving in an Always-On World

Being always it a blessing or a curse? Are we in charge, or are we slaves to our smartphones? In this TEDx talk, Brad Cleveland provides a fresh perspective on how... Read More

Is the Customer Really Always Right?

It may seem outrageous to those in the customer service business, but the answer is most definitely “no.” Nowhere in the contact center industry is this more evident than in insurance claims... Read More

5 Barriers to Agent (and Customer) Success

Sometimes we create barriers to success. As a result, these barriers can damage morale, cause confusion, or make a task more difficult than necessary. We must learn to remove barriers, not create them!... Read More

#ICMIchat Insight: How 3 Trends Will Shape the Contact Center this Year

Brad Cleveland recently predicted 3 trends that will shape the contact center industry this year. (You can read the article here) During #ICMIchat this week we discussed those trends! View the presentation... Read More

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