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Team Building Tips for the Busy Contact Center

Team building is essential, but it's not always easy to find the time for it. Especially in a busy contact center environment with agents working in different shifts, time zones, and locations.... Read More

5 Strategies for Boosting Agent Morale

Increased wait times, low closing percentages and poor productivity; that's what was in store for me as I entered the contact center. Sounds like fun, right? In one of my first assignments... Read More

Trust Destructors: The Top 5 Ways to Ruin Engagement with Your Coaching Practices

One of the greatest ways we build trust with employees is through review and discussion of their work performance.  Our fairness, honesty, courage, and advocacy during coaching contributes to our credibility, which... Read More

Why You Should Join the #FreeToHelp Movement

This year, Jenny Dempsey ( blogger) and I started the #FreeToHelp movement, and we hope you’ll join us. We believe most frontline agents are willing to help customers, but we wanted to... Read More

Fostering Loyalty in the Contact Center

Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to keep great talent in the contact center?  You’re not alone!  Leaders all over the globe have been wrestling with this issue since the invention... Read More

5 Steps to Take Before Implementing a Wellness Program in Your Contact Center

So, you want to incorporate a wellness program into your contact center? But, you’re on a tight budget. Guess what? It’s possible! Hold on now - before you toss out the Doritos... Read More

12 Reasons Contact Center Agents Leave

The average ‘lifespan’ of a US contact center worker is approximately 3 years, with a turnover of 33 percent. And the cost of replacing those agents who do leave is steep. During... Read More

Establishing a Culture That Supports Distributed Teams

As a contact center leader, the results you create—internally and for your customers—depend on being able to get support from people who work at different times, in different places, or within different... Read More

8 Tips for Surviving Peak Season

Peaks and valleys are part of life in the contact center, but proper preparation for busy seasons can make all the difference. How do you handle scheduling, communication, and morale when contact... Read More

5 Ways to Optimize Your Call Center Workforce To Increase Engagement and Reduce Turnover

As the labor market is experiencing some of the tightest conditions in recent years and as jobless claims—or the number of people filing for unemployment benefits—just hit a four decade all-time low,... Read More

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Hold % and Duration on Hold

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Tips for upselling and crossselling in call center

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Do you currently offer 4 by 10-hour shifts?

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