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Window of Opportunity: How to Improve Performance with Every Live Chat Interaction

The average live chat interaction lasts just 11.5 minutes. How can you train agents to use this time to make a definitive impact on site visitors – and know it when they... Read More

10 Steps to Implementing Chat Support

Chat support software can be a powerful tool for offering efficient help from a company website or facilitating staff communication. Studies confirm that chat is both a cost effective and user-friendly tech... Read More

Improving Your Live Chat ROI: 10 Key Metrics

Live chat metrics can be broken down into three types: those that advance operational efficiency, those that advance customer service, and those that are a poor use of time/energy to measure. Let’s... Read More

Contact Center 2020: Are You Prepared?

Fast forward to the year 2020. What will be the state of your contact center? Will it use cutting-edge technology to increase customer engagement? Or will it be stuck in the past?... Read More

ICMI Monthly Top 5: November 2015

It's hard to believe that 2015 is already coming to an end! What an amazing year it's been for ICMI and the contact center community as a whole. November was a particularly... Read More

The Stats Behind Chat: It's Popular and Growing

Did you know that chat has been around since 1973? Yep, the first online chat system—called Talkomatic—was created at the University of Illinois. It could accommodate up to five users at a... Read More

Is Chat the New King of Customer Experience?

The way we communicate is constantly changing. In fact, if you just look at the past 30 years, you can see a drastic shift in how we communicate with one another. One... Read More

Web Chat Integrated with CRM? Same Difference

So, what’s up with Web Chat? No matter where you look: everyone seems to agree that web chat is up and coming. You could actually arguably make the point that it’s already... Read More

Live Chat Companies and Privacy Ethics

Last month, Website Magazine included “Ghost Monitoring” as a feature proudly offered by a live chat software company. Ghost monitoring is the name this live chat company gave to the ability for... Read More

The Great Chat Debate

I recently attended this year’s ICMI Contact Center Demo & Conference and, as a relative newcomer to the space, I was really blown away by the passion and dedication on display throughout... Read More

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