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URL: www.vocalabs.com
Email: sales@vocalabs.com
Phone: 952-941-6580
Address: 8421 Wayzata Boulevard, Suite 260
Golden Valley, MN 55426

Vocal Laboratories Inc. (Vocalabs) specializes in building effective customer feedback programs designed to measurably improve the customer experience. We use a combination of immediate live interviews, automated customer surveys, and panel research to collect customer feedback tailored to each client's business goals. Our reporting tools serve the entire client organization, from executives to front-line customer service, and our unique expertise ensures ongoing improvement.

Vocalabs’ customers include Fortune 1000 companies, telecommunications carriers, industry consultants and equipment vendors. Vocalabs’ award-winning services include customer experience measurement programs and usability testing for speech recognition and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems using our national consumer panel. Vocalabs also conducts the National Customer Service Survey, ongoing independent research on customer satisfaction with phone-based customer service. Current research covers computer technical support and mobile phone customer service.

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When scheduling contact center representatives, do you offer consecutive days off?

Yes, we do it for employee morale purposes and understand that it may impact our service levels/customer experience.
Yes, if it does not affect our ability to meet service level and meet customer expectations.
Yes, we do it as a part of our reward and recognition program for our representatives.
No, we do not because of the negative impact on our ability to meet customer expectations and service level.
No, we do not for multiple other reasons.
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