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Pacific Interpreters

Pacific Interpreters
Phone: 800-324-8060
Address: 707 SW Washington, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97205

Pacific Interpreters™, Inc. is a comprehensive language services provider, helping to eliminate language barriers by offering telephonic interpreting, document translation and consulting services to serve Limited English Proficient individuals. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon since 1992, Pacific Interpreters offers specialized language services for Healthcare, Government, and Business markets.

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If your organization has multiple centers to support 18-24 hour live service across all time zones, how do you schedule agents?

All agent schedule options are represented in all centers regardless of the centers’ time zone.
All agent schedule options are aligned with the centers daylight hours (i.e. an East coast center might schedule agents between 6am – 8pm EST).
A combination: all centers offer all schedule options for 18 of 24 hours and one location covers the 3rd shift.
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