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Pacific Interpreters

Pacific Interpreters
URL: www.pacificinterpreters.com
Email: sales@pacificinterpreters.com
Phone: 800-324-8060
Address: 707 SW Washington, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97205

Pacific Interpreters™, Inc. is a comprehensive language services provider, helping to eliminate language barriers by offering telephonic interpreting, document translation and consulting services to serve Limited English Proficient individuals. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon since 1992, Pacific Interpreters offers specialized language services for Healthcare, Government, and Business markets.

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Are your supervisors currently scheduled (in a similar way as representatives are)?

No, they are assigned a specific shift when they start.
No, our hours of operation do not make that necessary.
No, they work with their peers to make sure we have coverage.
Yes, and they participate in a shift bidding process much like our representatives (but with their peers).
Yes, they rotate their shifts (i.e. once a quarter etc.).
Yes, we schedule supervisors with their teams.
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