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An important part of any successful call monitoring program is the actual form used to evaluate agents. To show the breadth of performance criteria, the varying level of procedural complexity and detail, and the spectrum of scoring mechanisms in use today, we sifted through hundreds of forms submitted to us. This electronic book (PDF) provides call center professionals with a wide array of "real" examples of monitoring forms being used in enterprises today. Plus, we’ve included "how to" articles from Call Center Management Review to help you create not only an effective monitoring form, but design the best type of monitoring program for your particular call center.

Section 1: "How To" Articles from Call Center Management Review

  • Monitoring Practices Recommended by ICMI and Call Center Management Review
  • Six Ways to Leverage Your Monitoring Program
  • Don't Miss the Mark on Call Monitoring
  • Understanding the "Big Three" Monitoring Methods
  • Understanding and Overcoming Agent Resistance to Monitoring
  • Proven Tips for Effective Feedback and Coaching
  • Creating a Successful Peer Monitoring Program for Your Call Center
  • Electronic Call Monitoring Systems: Tools to Enhance Coaching and Quality

Section 2: Sample Monitoring Forms by Industry

  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Retail/Catalog/Online Sales
  • Utilities
  • Computer/Internet Services
  • Publishing
  • Service Bureau (Outsourcers)
  • Miscellaneous

Section 3

  • Sample Email/Correspondence Monitoring Forms

Section 4

  • Sample Coaching/Action Plan Forms

163 pages, PDF download (requires Adobe Acrobat or Reader)

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