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Technology Management

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Session 104

Analytics: Your Next Technology Success Story

Tuesday | 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Bob Furniss, Lori Bocklund

Analytics is perhaps one of the most sought-after technologies, yet it can be daunting to tackle -- and the value can be elusive. Many contact centers today struggle with having multiple “sources of the truth”. This session will explore how to build a case for analytics and find the right solutions to meet your needs - whether speech, text, data or desktop. Learn the keys to implementation success and how to achieve optimization with powerful analytics tools, resources, and processes as part of your operation. The panel will share insights that will put you on a path to analytics success.

Session 204

We the CLOUD

Tuesday | 3:15 PM – 4:15 PM
Ed Albrektsen, Samuel Hamp

Case Study

Are you ready for a move to the Cloud? If you’re considering a move to a hosted solution, this session will provide invaluable insight as you hear first-hand the challenges faced and lessons learned during a large scale migration. After years of premise technology, learn how McKesson's 900 seat healthcare contact center challenged the old way of doing things and moved to a hosted cloud solution. Come hear the considerations during vendor selection and how operational, technical and political challenges were managed and mitigated to create a win-win-win solution for the business, our clients and our agents.

Session 304

Bridging the Divide Between IT Support and Operations

Tuesday | 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Case Study

A successful partnership between contact center operations and IT support is critical to receiving the maximum impact from your technology investments. But often it seems that these two areas speak completely different languages, causing frustration and inefficiency. How can you get everyone on the same page?  In this session, you will hear how Vanguard Investments and others have found creative solutions to this age old problem. We’ll share real-world examples and best practices of how other organizations have successfully bridged the gap, and provide tips you can use to improve these important relationships in your own center.

Session 404

Real-Time Customer Experience Management in a Multi-Channel World

Wednesday | 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM
Ann Ruckstuhl, Kate Leggett, Matt Clemenson

Case Study

Delivering exceptional customer experiences to today’s multichannel, 24/7 ‘NOW’ customers requires a change in the way Customer Experience Management (CEM) is handled. It is no longer enough to take a reactive approach to managing the customer journey – brands must act in real-time to proactively engage with customers and steer the experience toward a positive outcome. This session is your “how to” guide to making this leap, from identifying bottlenecks in the customer journey to successfully incorporating disruptive technologies that make customer data actionable in real-time. Taking these steps will set brands up with a strong differentiator in a competitive market.

Session 504

Mayday, Mayday: How Brands are Using Live Video Assistance to Raise the Bar on Sales and Service

Wednesday | 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
James Keller

Case Study

Learn why brands like Amazon, Audi, Mattress Firm, Samsung and others are investing in live video assistance. This session will explore how next generation customer experience tools are allowing brands to deliver live help with not just voice, video, and text, but also hands-on features such as screen sharing, finger painting, and co-form-filling. For consumers, this means an online experience more like in-store or face-to-face, and the result is that brands are achieving their best customer satisfaction, call resolution, and sales metrics of any channel with live video assistance.  James Keller, CEO of Vee24, will share real-world examples of leading brands that are using live video assistance to deliver exceptional customer service. These case studies will explore the detailed use cases and applications for live video help being employed across web sites and mobile apps, and will include implementation overview, best practices review, and results achieved.  

"The environment at ICMI conferences is so refreshingly real - very different from other events. I learned so much by talking with the diverse attendees."

Serena Daly, Supervisor, Customer Care Sales and Retention, eHealthInsurance Services, Inc