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Session 107

Quality Assurance Tips from the Pros

Tuesday | 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Jennifer Richard, Pete Slease, Elaine Carr, Vickie Friece, Vicki Herrell, Lauren Mott, Patrick Botz

Are you struggling with your quality assurance program? If so, you won't want to miss this fast-paced session. Our panel of quality assurance experts will share their top tips for creating, managing and improving on your program in rapid-fire succession. This is a great opportunity to capture lots of practical ideas in a short period of time, so get your pen out and don't stop writing! You're sure to take home tips you can't wait to implement into your QA program immediately.

Session 207

Moving Metrics Into Action

Tuesday | 3:15 PM – 4:15 PM
Tim Montgomery

These days, with pressure to maximize efficiency without sacrificing customer satisfaction, front-line managers are often caught struggling to balance conflicting objectives and priorities.   When everyone isn’t aligned, it quickly finds its way to the front line and ultimately, the customer.  In this session you'll learn practical ways to use the resources you already have more effectively, and move your organization closer to getting everyone on the same “productivity page”.  Discover strategies for using metrics to motivate positive behavior changes – and what to avoid. Join Tim Montgomery as he shares what he's experienced in working with some of the world’s most celebrated service organizations.

Session 307

Tackling Five Hidden Causes of Poor Customer Service

Tuesday | 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Jeff Toister

Do your agents deliver consistent, exceptional customer service?  Unfortunately, far too many continue to fall short of their potential - even with significant training and coaching. Based on extensive research, Jeff Toister reveals five of the hidden, unusual, and even counterintuitive causes of poor customer service. Through a series of experiential activities, you will examine each obstacle in a way that’s both fun and revealing. More importantly, you’ll learn to create solutions for overcoming these challenges in your contact center. This ICMI Hall of Fame session has been updated for 2015 with new research and insight.

Session 407

Analytics: Your Next Technology Success Story

Wednesday | 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM
Bob Furniss, Lori Bocklund

Analytics is perhaps one of the most sought-after technologies, yet it can be daunting to tackle -- and the value can be elusive. Many contact centers today struggle with having multiple “sources of the truth”. This session will explore how to build a case for analytics and find the right solutions to meet your needs - whether speech, text, data or desktop. Learn the keys to implementation success and how to achieve optimization with powerful analytics tools, resources, and processes as part of your operation. The panel will share insights that will put you on a path to analytics success.

Session 507

Change is Good! Successfully Navigating Change in Your Center

Wednesday | 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Sarah Reed, Gerry Barber, Larry Eiser, Brad Cleveland

Case Study

Every contact center goes through change – new technology, processes, leadership or corporate direction can wreak havoc on the contact center organization. How do you manage the changes within the contact center without being met with mutiny? How do you ensure that customers aren't negatively impacted and that employees don't start disengaging? Join moderator Sarah Stealey Reed as she leads a panel of industry luminaries to divulge their secrets to success. Explore the change model that your teams are likely going through, and gain insights as our panel shares their real-life change challenges and successes.

The conference was so valuable; I learned a great deal and made some excellent connections.

Cortney Jonas Burnos, Workforce Management Director, CareCentrix