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Learning Tracks

Boost Your Culture

Ideas to tackle the tough issues of hiring, mentoring, coaching, and motivating.
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Maximize Productivity

Critical insights and techniques into knowledge management, QA, workforce management, forecasting, and operational efficiency.
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Elevate Your Leadership

Best practices from industry frontrunners to help lead your team to success.
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Optimize Technology

Approaches to select and implement contact center solutions that will optimize performance.
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Drive Customer Success

The inside scoop on customer experience, surveys, loyalty, journey mapping, and customer satisfaction.
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Achieve Metrics Nirvana

Learn the latest approaches to analytics, customer effort measurement, ROI, big data, and communicating results.
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"This was my first conference and I was traveling alone from Canada. I can't tell you how invited I felt. It quickly felt like home. I learned so much my 3 days there and truly miss it since my return. I cannot wait for the next conference."

Shauntelle Carbery, Department Head of Customer Service, Express Legal


   © 2017 UBM, All Rights Reserved.

   © 2017 UBM, All Rights Reserved.