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80's Networking Party!

Cowabunga, Dude (and Dudettes) - This is gonna be the coolest party ever, so be sure to pop on over in your totally awesome 80's gear and get footloose with a night of music, fun, contests and prizes. Maybe we'll give a prize for the best chicken dance or electric slide, biggest hair, and overall costume - who knows! Stay tuned. We are still working on the details. Just know - it's going be be a great time because we all 'just wanna have fun!'

Wednesday, October 26  |  5:30pm - 7:30pm

After the last session on Wednesday, take 15 minutes to freshen up and add 80's fashion accessories or change into an entire outfit, then head on over for beverages, light hors oeuvres, and great music!

What to Wear

Certainly you can come dressed in your 2016 attire. However, if you want to get in the spirit of things, you can do it in a big way or just simply add an accessory or two! Below are some ideas to get you started. 

80's Artist & Corresponding Fashion Ideas -- Just have fun with it!

Michael Jackson - one white glove
Prince - dress in purple
Madonna - uh… yeah, not sure about pointy bras – LOL
David Bowe - Face painted lightening stripe
Queen - big hair, leather pants
Cyndi Lauper - short lace skirt, high heel ankle boots
George Michael - pierced ear with long cross earring and police sunglasses
Tina Turner - BIG hair, big hoop earrings, mini skirt, gold lame' or animal print
Go Go’s - (Best when done in a group of four) Hot pink tank top with white tutu and tiara and white elbow length gloves OR hair up in white towel, white facial paint to represent cold cream, and wear a white towel – (with clothes under it please)

Other General Ideas:
Sunglasses (at night!) - Aviators ("Top Gun"), Wayfarers ("Risky Business), Robot style, Shutter Shades, and Glacier Shades all scream 'too cool for school'
Also -- leg warmers, leather pants, big hair, big earrings


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   © 2016 UBM, All Rights Reserved.