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2016 Case Studies

Gain Invaluable New Techniques and Process Improvements from Industry Practitioners and Well-Known Organizations

Session 101

Embrace and Enable Your Agents' Personalities to Give the Ultimate Customer Experience

Wednesday, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Crystal Ballroom VII
Catherine Hillier, David Perry

It's almost impossible to "wow" your customers with agents who are obviously scripted or worse, bored. Having an energized conversation with an agent requires letting their personalities shine, but this can be tricky in an environment where quality control is critical. Learn how the leaders at Clio have made their Customer Support Team one of the company's biggest selling points by embracing their agents' personalities. Be challenged by their hiring philosophy in recruiting candidates based on personality before anything else. Hear tips, tricks and lessons learned as they share their successes and where they have faltered when enabling their agents to bring their personalities to the phones every day.

Session 104

Using Technology to Create an Engaging Customer Experience

Wednesday, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Lalique II
Patrick Russell

The technology options available today can be dizzying, but ultimately you need to assess which technologies will have the biggest impact on your customer experience and the success of your business. This session will walk through the journey of what's possible if you decided to invest in technology that can impact your customer experience. Learn how you can streamline processes, improve the quality of your interactions, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty all while realizing as cost savings within the first year! Hear how implementing the right technology across various lines of business can provide you with the ability to decrease call backs, increase efficiency and first call resolution, meet service level goals and improve customer experience.

Session 202

Maximizing Efficiency through Extreme Workforce Optimization

Wednesday, 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM
Crystal Ballroom VIII
Todd Hixson

Are your WFM and operational teams often at odds? In this straightforward presentation you will see how optimization not only benefits customers, but how balanced optimization increases opportunities for agent development and off-line activities by utilizing schedules with a higher level of efficiency. Learn about "extreme" optimization techniques, and glean tips for agents and coaches on how to make their days more productive while alleviating stress. You will walk away with a toolkit that promotes cross-functional collaboration and instills understanding beyond "because I said so." Come hear how Cabelas has successfully implemented workforce optimization and you can, too!

Session 303

Driving Customer Loyalty One Customer at a Time at Wells Fargo

Wednesday, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Lalique I
Heather Magaha

In an environment where stellar service has become an expectation rather than a delightful surprise, learn how Wells Fargo Treasury Management Client Services developed a new way to make a positive impact on customers, one customer at a time. Heather Magaha will walk through the development, roll out and results of a new program that has pushed the envelope of traditional service and is driving loyalty. Don't miss the opportunity to hear how innovation is happening at a 300+ customer care organization spanning 6 cities and providing one point of contact for treasury servicing needs.

Session 304

How Mercedes-Benz Leverages Omni-Channel Customer Journey Interaction Analytics to Achieve Success

Wednesday, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Lalique II
Brian LaRoche, Colleen Unick, Rhonda Ludbrook

This presentation will overview how Omni-channel interaction analytics works and how organizations can leverage this technology to truly understand the full customer journey and discover the best path to positive outcomes for both the organization and customers. The quest to provide the effortless customer experience starts with gaining insight into your customer's level of satisfaction, understanding what drives those sentiments and then adapting your representative's responses to those conditions to achieve optimal customer outcomes. Attendees to the presentation will learn how automated contact analytics captures and analyzes the various forms of interactions (Omni-Channel) such as calls, chat, emails, twitter and even surveys that take place along your customer's journey. They will also learn how these insights can help guide customer service, retention and operational efficiencies improvements along with increases in Net Promotor Score and revenues.

Session 401

Shift Happens: Create an Environment to Influence Customer Mood Change

Wednesday, 4:15 PM – 5:15 PM
Crystal Ballroom VII
Lauren Mott, Ted Nardin, James Keaten

How does a customer's mood impact your business? Mood is highly predictive of a customer's life cycle and lifetime value. Issue resolution is expected, but solving a problem in a way that positively influences a customer's mood is an important retention strategy. How we handle interactions when things are going wrong is much more powerful than when things are going right. Learn how Bright House Networks used customer mood analysis to shift employee engagement methods and improve customer retention. Explore the science behind mood analysis, and uncover what employee interaction behaviors drive the best customer results.

Session 503

Leadership: Inspire Change from the Frontlines!

Thursday, 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM
Lalique I
Dustie Mercer

Struggling to understand why change continues to create fear and pockets of resistance throughout the team? Come hear how Renaissance created an army of change agents to drive improvements, allowing leaders to stay focused on long-term, proactive strategic needs. They'll detail the 6-step plan they use to discover and implement solutions that can be used to achieve any goal, in any industry. Eliminate the need to manage change by tapping into the knowledge of your front lines and inspire change to occur without you. Having your team actively participate in the improvement process creates loyalty, motivates the use of discretionary effort, and inspires them to raise the quality of overall customer care. Filled with actionable insights, this is a session you won't want to miss!

Session 504

Customer Experience, Up in the Cloud

Thursday, 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM
Lalique II
Pauline Mulvey

In today's contact center, customer experience making it easy and effortless to do business with your company is a top priority. Can leveraging the cloud really make life better for you and your customer? What advantages can cloud technologies bring to your business, what are the associated risks, and how secure is it? In this insightful session, Mitchell International will share key learnings from their journey, including discussion of the benefits and risks of moving to the cloud, change management techniques for moving from premise to cloud, and success factors for needed organizational changes when implementing cloud solutions.

Session 602

One Metric You Might Be Missing: Contact Rate

Thursday, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Crystal Ballroom VIII
Nathan Deeds

How do you know if your customer experience is getting better over time? Measuring your contact rate allows you to establish a baseline and spot trends in your customer contacts and product versions. In this candid session, OpenTable will share lessons learned, and how they discovered that the smallest volume of overall support interactions can actually represent the largest area of opportunity. Hear about how to determine if your product and customer experience is flat, improving or declining, even during exponential user growth and large increases in case volume. Lastly, we'll explore what truly constitutes a customer contact, and what the future of customer interactions looks like in the contact center.

"I became a groupie of Lori Bocklund's sessions because I liked her topics and style of presentation so much. She is a wonderful speaker!"

Liz Hansen, IT Technologist, Medtronic


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   © 2017 UBM, All Rights Reserved.