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To help contact center professionals and organizations worldwide achieve excellence, ICMI and the Call Center Industry Advisory Council – a broadly representative group of contact center practitioners and industry subject matter experts -- identified role-specific knowledge, skills and attributes (competencies) that underlie superior contact center job performance.  The resulting competency training and competency testing are focused not just on knowledge, but the ability to apply it in a real-world environment.

The Certification Contact Center Management Competencies specify job role-specific knowledge, skills and abilities for superior leadership and management of a contact center. Global in scope and definition, the competencies are applicable to contact center strategic leaders and operations managers in organizations of every business type and size throughout the world. The competencies are modeled to drive results-based outcomes and in-depth conceptual and practical comprehension and application of all aspects of contact center business, strategy and operations. The competencies are categorized into four domains of contact center management responsibility:

  • Leadership
  • People
  • Customers
  • Operations


ICMI Professional Certification In Practice

As part of the recertification process, every three years certificants must write an essay describing how they have put what they learned through the ICMI Professional certification process into practice during the period. These essays provide an eye-opening perspective into the long-term organizational benefits to be reaped from an ICMI-certified workforce. Read an excerpt from one such essay


Updated ICMI Professional Certification Competencies

Keeping the competencies current and relevant to the evolving business environment and management practices of contact centers is an important and essential element of ICMI Professional Certification. Key revisions were made to the competencies in 2012,  and include:

  • Remodeled to be outcome-based to drive increased value contribution.
  • Updated to incorporate industry-recognized contact center business and management practices, operational methodologies, technology advancements and customer channels. 
  • Increased globalization to be fully applicable to management professionals in contact centers throughout the world.
  • Expanded scope for outbound and blended centers to drive effective leadership and management of these operations equally to that for inbound centers. 
  • Greater customer focus  to transcend beyond ‘CRM’ to a broader and more balanced focus on the overall aspects of developing and managing the customer experience and relationship.

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