Competency Testing

ICMI Certification Tests are examinations designed to evaluate for competency in specific areas of contact center leadership and management and are completed online in a proctored environment.
The four areas of examination are:

ICMI Certification testing assesses competency in all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, with emphasis on higher cognitive levels. This requires candidates to have mastery-level command of their job role competencies to complete testing successfully.


Practice Tests Assess Growth

Each course begins with a Practice Test, allowing each student to “benchmark” their initial understanding of the material prior to training. This same Practice Test is offered again at the end of each course. Students can clearly see the increase in their comprehension of key concepts, and identify areas requiring additional attention and study.


Formal Tests Validate Your Investment

For those participating in the full ICMI Certification program or individual Certificate programs, each course concludes with a formal test, administered in a proctored environment.  Passing this test allows you to rest assured that the key concepts of the training have been understood and retained.  To become ICMI Certified, you must pass the formal tests aligned with each of the four required courses – Operations , Customers, People and Leadership.

ICMI works with Proctor U., a virtual proctoring company, to provide easy and convenient  web-based proctoring at no cost.  Upon request, we can also authorize a live proctor from your own company.


Test Results

The competency tests are computer-scored and have only one correct answer. A testing result of 'PASS' or 'FAIL' is provided to the candidate within two (2) hours of completion. Competency test results are sent electronically to the candidate's email address on file with ICMI. Test results are maintained as confidential and released only with the candidate’s written authorization.


Performance Assessments Move Knowledge into Action

For practitioners obtaining CCSL (Strategic Leader) status, the process ends with a Performance Assessment. This written document is intended to help candidates create a roadmap for enhancing their contact center’s performance.

The Performance Assessment provides tremendous practical value to the candidate’s organization, as it requires them to utilize the knowledge gained from Certification training to identify important areas for optimization within their contact center – and outline a strategic and operational plan for how to progress towards such optimization.


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