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Call Center Management On Fast Forward: Succeeding in a New Era of Customer Relationships

Call Center Management on Fast Forward: Succeeding in the New Era of Customer Relationships by Brad Cleveland

What people are saying about Call Center Management on Fast Forward:

"This book is an excellent resource on how you can build a framework to remain dynamic, ensure long-term success, and deliver a consistent customer experience. A must read for all levels of contact center management." GLENN GEMMILL VP, Customer Care Center, Coca-Cola Refreshments

"Once you pick up this book, it will never make it back to the shelf. It is an essential tool for me and for anyone who aims to stay on top of the game in our ever-evolving industry." MISSY ZACKS Vice President, Operations and Reservations, GTA Travel

New York, NY -- May 9, 2012 -- International Customer Management Institute (ICMI), the leading global provider of comprehensive resources for customer management professionals today announced the release of the industry's No. 1 bestselling book on call center management.  Newly updated and expanded, Call Center Management on Fast Forward by Brad Cleveland is perfect for everyone from frontline agents to executives – who wish to improve customer experiences and increase efficiencies at every level of the contact center. Call Center Management on Fast Forward is available in bookstores and via online retailers May 2012 ($39.95 hardcopy suggested retail price.)

In this invaluable, yet practical guidebook for businesses, Amazon best-selling author, consultant and thought leader in customer relationships and customer service, Brad Cleveland cuts through the maze of call center issues by addressing the specific challenges that companies face and focusing on the crux of what works in this fast-paced, ever-changing environment.  Cleveland levels the communications field by sharing usable tips, case studies from Fortune 100 companies like American Express, Capitol One, American General Life Insurance and more, along with actionable advice on strategic areas including:

  • Customer expectations
  • Creating effective customer service strategies
  • Designing and building operational plans and know-how
  • Customer relationships

A leading authority on predicting business growth-areas and helping call centers to harness the potential of social media, the contact center, social media and self-service capabilities, Brad Cleveland also shares his own lessons learned along the way as well as abundant examples and best practices of those companies who are successfully using their assets to build their businesses and their brands.

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